Hello Six Years Old!


Six years ago today at 9:40 p.m. This guy came into the world with a bang. Unpredictable contractions all day soon turned steady and sent me to the hospital.  But when I got there I was told I wasn't dilated enough. However the pain told another story. After a 2 hard laps (I think it was two) around the maternity ward, I couldn't take another step. Nurses were summoned and surprised to see this child's head at the door. I was wheeled into the delivery room without even being admitted into the hospital. Three pushes later this guy was born. 

And he's been fast and furious ever since day one. He loves hard and is a free spirit. He laughs a lot and is just a ball of fun and energy. He had also has quite the dancing spirit. Never a dull moment when he's around. 

His "funness" is unmatched by his sensitive side. He's caring, protective of loved ones, attentive to needs and moods and will pray at the drop of a hat.  

So looking forward to how his little life is going to unfold.  

Happy birthday! We love you :)