But What About You? Who Do You Say Jesus Is? Ep 040

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who do you Jesus is?

Jesus chose to deliver a great object lesson to His disciples at Caesarea Philippi about HIs identity and their role in response to His identity. In that pagan setting, He encouraged His disciples to build a church that would overcome the worst evils.

The fact that Peter’s confession about Jesus identity occurred in a pagan area is remarkable enough. But when one learns the history of the area and the traditions associated with it, Peter’s confession of Jesus as the Christ the Son of God takes on greater significance. This confession is declared in the darkest place possible. Jesus asked His disciples who they thought He was, and the light of God shone on the gate of Hades through Peter’s confession.

So who are YOU saying the Jesus is? Is he just someone to pray to for success and prosperity? Is He a good guy to model ourselves after or is He the Messiah. If you truly believer this, then you have to start living like He is and proclaiming this truth clear and loud with words and behavior.

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