The Lord Is Your Inheritance Ep 042

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the lord is your inheritance

When Moses established the 12 tribes of Israel, God set apart one tribe, the Levites. They were set apart (or made holy) to focus one job—to serve Him. The Lord God Himself was the allotment given to the tribe of Levi. As the priestly arm of Israel, God promised to provide for them rather than have them work the land for themselves.

God set the Levites apart in a second way. Unlike the other tribes, they had no physical allotment of the Promised Land. So they had no place to set down roots and call their own. Seems unfair. However, it was truly a gift. Being set apart allowed the Levites to focus on their call to serve the One True God and His people and worrying about tending to land or conquering enemies. The Lord, not land, was their inheritance. (Numbers 18:20) That was enough. They lived by faith in God’s promised blessing to be their share and their portion.

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