Worship and the Word with Kelli Brownlee Episode 055

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Kelli Brownlee is an anointed worship leader, who ministers the Word in song. A wife and mother, she is the Worship Director at Allison Park Church – Mt. Nebo campus. This week, I chat with Kelli about the importance of not only corporate worship, but personal worship. She also shares great insight on the role of the Word of God in worship and how to develop worship in your personal quiet time.

A former backup singer for gospel acts such as The Clark Sisters, Deitrick Haddon and Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Kelli talks about how good singing is not the goal in worship, rather it’s an extension of a relationship one has with God. “We look at worship on Sundays as if that’s what worship is—but that’s not really what worship is. Worship is our devotion and our decision to follow God. And because we’re in relationship with Him, we show Him affection,” she explains.

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