God Has An Appointed Time and Season for You Ep 025

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God has an appointed time and season for you

Every one of us is like a fruit tree in the garden of God, and God is expecting fruit from our lives. That is why we are here. He puts us here for a purpose, since everything on earth is here for a purpose. What is the purpose God has for you and me? It is to produce fruit.

I love the metaphor of tree and a believer. You are not a reed moved about by every wind which blows, nor a creeping ivy or plant that grows along the ground. A tree is upright, and grows heavenward. This tree is planted instead of one that grows wild. A planted tree is under the care and cultivation of its owner. The metaphor reminds us that those who delight in God's Law are owned by God, cared for and pruned by Him.

Remember, as you look around God’s orchard at other trees that different fruits have different ripening requirements. Some produce we can collect on in earlier years, other fruit don't come to full term until we are older adults. The key is to stay next to the rivers of water. When one harvest comes in seed needs to be set aside for the next wave. Don't fear crop failure. Farmers optimists by nature. So too with God, and we should be also. We have God's promise – “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest... winter and summer... shall not cease."

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