Kim Cash Tate on Clinging to the God of the Scriptures, Learning to Surrender & Living Out God's Dream for Your Life

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Kim Cash Tate is one my favorite people. We are really kindred spirits—both with a love for God’s Word and teaching the scriptures. We met about a decade ago over Twitter and built up a friendship and later started a group on Periscope called Perisisters In Christ where we encouraged women in the Word.

On this episode, Kim and I talk about the importance of studying God’s Word, how she developed a love for the scriptures and how surrendering her life—and her dreams to God led to a grand adventure that she’s now walking out after much prayer and patience.

Episode 58 Unfolding Words Podcast Kim Cash Tate Clinging to God of the Scriptures, Learning to Surrender & Living Out God's Dream for Your Life

Kim, a lawyer, turned homeschooling mother of two, ended up discovering a ministry of teaching God’s word through Christian fiction. She later started a YouTube channel where she teaches Bible study. And her latest adventure is an creator, writer and executive producer of the CLING web series.

In this episode of the Unfolding Words Podcast we discuss:

  • How you too can learn to love the scriptures

  • What true surrender looks like

  • How Kim learned to cling to the Lord through Bible study

  • God will put dreams in your heart and make them come to pass

Click to tweet: "So often we come to God with our hopes & dreams & want Him to bless it. You have to live a life of surrender & allow Him to make your plans." Listen to @KimCashTate chat about letting God have His way on the @Unfolding_Words podcast.

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