Upcoming Bible Study - Harvests of Kindness: A Study of Ruth

Ruth Study Harvests of Kindness

God is such a kind, generous and caring God. The book of Ruth reveals all of this about our Creator. It can be easy to think of Ruth as a handbook on how to nab your Boaz, but oh, this book is about so much more!

In this four-week Unfolding Words podcast study, we will dive into God’s Word and see just how good God is and how His plan can unfold even in the most unlikely situations. Through this study, you will learn to slow down and look around to discover truths you may have never seen before.

The study includes a workbook, Harvests of Kindness: A Study of Ruth which you can purchase on Amazon. You will complete the study questions for the week first, and then listen to the podcast teaching which will begin on Monday, September 9, 2019. We will then gather for a Facebook Live in the Unfolding Words Facebook group on Thursday, September 12 at 9pm EDT for questions and feedback. Then every Monday following the podcast there will be a Facebook Live every Thursday of the study.

In this study, you will learn:

- How God often uses the bitter experiences of life to bring about His plan.

- How the book of Ruth is tied to the story of Abraham and God’s promises to him.

- How God uses His laws to display His goodness.

- The ways God uses the most unlikely people and circumstances in the grandest of ways.

This four-week study helps you unravel the meaning behind biblical concepts like the Levirate Marriage and the Law of the Kinsman Redeemer. Each chapter includes questions for deeper thinking as well as thoughtful reflection for practical application.

Be sure to invite your friends, family and neighbors to learn about just how good and kind God is.

The study begins on: Monday, September 9 on the Unfolding Words podcast.

The first Facebook Live will be Thursday, September 12 in the Unfolding Words Facebook group.

Click here to buy the Harvests of Kindness: A Bible Study of Ruth workbook on Amazon.

Look forward to studying God’s Word with you.