Dust & Divinity Genesis 1-11 Bible Study

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Genesis is where the story of Scripture begins. It's where we see the overarching themes of the Bible start to unfold: creation, fall, redemption and restoration. In order to truly understand the entire scope of the Bible, you must start at the beginning.

In this study you'll learn:

    • To see God's character through creation.

    • How sin creates a downward spiral.

    • How Genesis fits into the story of Scripture.

This 11-week study takes a look at how the creation account mirrors the work of salvation, the birth of the human race, and examines the role of sin in this world—and the measures that God took to help mankind overcome sin. Genesis reveals the heart of God and shows just how loving and generous He is. Each chapter contains questions for deeper thinking as well as thoughtful reflection for practical application. Great for family studies, group Bible classes or personal study. Free online audio lessons will be included with this study.