Ruth is one of the most loved and often misunderstood books of the Bible. Many reduce it to a manual on how to catch a good man while missing the overarching theme—God’s kindness to the foreigner and His own people. In this Bible study, you will take a closer look at the story of Ruth and unwrap its rich meaning to better understand how loving and sovereign God is.  

In this Bible Study, you will learn:

• How God often uses the bitter experiences of life to bring about His plan.

• How the book of Ruth is tied to the story of Abraham and God’s promises to him.

• How God uses His laws to display His goodness.

 • The ways God uses the most unlikely people and circumstances in the grandest of ways. 

This four-week study helps you unravel the meaning behind biblical concepts like the Levirate Marriage and the Law of the Kinsman Redeemer. Each chapter includes questions for deeper thinking of the verses as well as thoughtful reflection for practical application. Great for family studies, group Bible classes or personal study. This workbook includes audio teachings that are available here for free. You can stream from this page or download and listen.