How Jesus Transformed the Empty Tomb Into The Most Holy Place--And How He Does the Same For You Ep 048

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The Day of Atonement was the only time during the year when the high priest would enter the Holy of Holies in the innermost chamber of the Temple (or Tabernacle) to make atonement for the sins of all Israel. On this day, the high priest would remove his official priestly garments, which were very ornate in exchange for a linen garment. Jesus brings this day fully to life with His resurrection and makes this truth personal for your life.

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Be Holy (Leviticus): Set Apart By God by Warren Wiersbe

Scripture References

John 20:1-7 | Leviticus 16:33 | Exodus 25:18-22 | Leviticus 16:11-16 | I Kings 6:23-28 | John 2:18-22 | John 20:12-16 | Leviticus 6:26-29 | Matthew 27:51

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