Friendship with God: Tips on Cultivating and Sustaining It. Ep 049

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Friendship with God scripturally is grounded in intimacy—not acquaintanceship. Missionary Jim Elliot “Not what another knows of me measures his friendship, but what he has shared with me.”

To be God’s friend is more than knowing about Him. Friends enjoy each other’s company. Friendship is close, personal knowledge. It is one thing for God to teach us which path to take—this is a blessing. But it’s another for Him to reveal Himself to us. For God to make us his friends seems unimagineable.

Those who fear the Lord are granted into to the intimacy of friendship with Him; are permitted to come into His presence, and to partake of His counsels; are allowed free access to Him; or fellowship with Him.


Scripture References

Psalm 25:14 | John 15:15 | 2 Chronicles 20:7 | Isaiah 41:8 | Genesis 18:17 | Amos 3:7 |

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