Out of Season Surprise


Today (which is December 21 as I write this)  marks the first day of winter. It was a chilly day for us here in Southern California and I just couldn't seem to warm up. 

While the the boys were taking their Jiu-Jitsu class at my husband's gym, I strolled with baby girl to Rite Aid because I forgot her snacks at home during the rush to get out of the house. On the way back, I looked up and saw this tree and stopped.

A blooming tree on the first day of winter? 

How in the world did I miss this on the walk up?

Such an odd sight to see a bright pink tree against a backdrop of gray skies, brisk air and bare trees,  (with the exception of the pine tree behind it.)

I stood there for a few moments marveling at this tree. I'm sure God dropped this blooming tree in my path on the first day of winter as reminder that He's the God of the unexpected. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says : "there is a time for everything and season for every activity UNDER the heavens." We here on earth are subject to time and nature runs according to seasons. But God doesn't because He's not under heaven. He operates outside the bounds of time and seasons. So putting this tree in my path is nothing for Him.

Maybe you're looking for something but it's not the season for it according to what people believe. Maybe you're looking for a new house but folks are telling you that people don't sell houses in the winter. Or maybe you are in need of a career change but you may be hearing people say that no one hires in your field during the holidays.

Even if it's cold and gray with no hope on the horizon, God can drop something remarkable in your path.

For me, that pink blooming tree is reminder that God is capable of doing whatever He wants, whenever He wants. So I'm keeping my eyes peeled for my out of season surprise.