Makes Me Happy Monday: 5 Links That Brought Smiles

Monday...not exactly the most popular day of the week.  

But I'm going to try to brighten them a bit with Makes Me Happy Monday where I'll share some of my favorites spots along the web that I've stopped at during the past week. 

  1. I've been loving Crystal Lewis since the 1990s. Back before Kirk Franklin made her hip to the gospel community. Her blog is such a contemplative place full of wisdom and musings on life and God's Word. Her post "lines and spaces"  hit a chord with me because living outside of the lines is not my cup of tea. Check it out and read about how sometimes empty space helps us to see God as we never saw Him before.
  2. Loved this post on black daddies who live in the home with their children 24-7. We know the staggering statistics of black absent fathers or those who don't live with their children. So refreshing to see those who are leading their families celebrated. 
  3.  Year books for the family. I cannot say how much I love this idea. It will give all those photos stored on my external hard drive a home!
  4. Been looking for some online devotionals to do with the boys. Thinking I'll start with this one for the 9 year old. 
  5. And ending on a high note with this video.  If you don't laugh or at least smile something is definitely wrong with you!