The Gift List: Capable Hands


Friday marks surgery day for this guy who has to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He had a check up last week and he's all cleared to go.  I'm grateful for health insurance and capable doctors. I've already prayed for the surgeon and my son because I know that he will be in capable hands...God's hands.

Also thankful for....


197. Staycations

198. Morning coffee brewing

199. The last sweet days of summer

200. Kids excited for church service.

201. The jasmine bush reblooming.

202. A surprise love note left by my oldest son.

203. 2yo saying "good bye pee paw (grandpa)."

204. Kneeling in prayer.

205. Falling into bed after a long, hard day.

206. Weeping enduring for a night BUT joy coming in the morning

207. Belly laughs shared amongst the boys.

208. 6yo clutching His Bible on the way to Saturday night church.

209. Quiet evening.

210. The weight of God's glory.

211. Sweet surrender.

212. Many waters cannot quench love neither can floods drown it.

213. Hands lifted in praise to God.

214. SoCal sunsets painted in the sky.

215. Satin pillowcases.

216. Shayne's little six-year-old voice.

217. My sister loving on my three babies.

218. A rhema Word from the Lord.

219. Two little boys exited about school. 

220. Godly teachers who pray.

221. Quiet time in the Word of God.

222. Six year old learning to ride his bike after much frustration.

223. Gratis days during Christmas time.

224. Thanksgiving day on the horizon.

225. The discipline of counting gifts big and small.

226. My little first grader's teacher describing him as "a treasure" to have in the class.

227. Waking to sunshine, birds chirping and new mercies.

229. Warm beds

230. ...and a pantry full of food.

231. Laughter and lunch with a sweet sister friend

232. Big brother reading with little brother.

233. Protection through the night.

234. Hope that does not disappoint.

235. "Thank you mommy for dinner!" repeated around the dinner table.