The Gift List: The Giving of Thanks


I thank my God every time I remember you. -Philippians 1:3

I adore this little quirky bunch of mine and the people they are growing into. Thankful for their health and happiness. So many things to offer up thanks for.


236.  Family gathering around the dinner table.

237. Quiet mornings in the Word.

238. "I love you" and "Thanks you" from the kids.

239. An 11-year-old who still calls me mommy.

240. Friends calling to check in on my kids.

241. Our regular visits to Chick-fil-A after Saturday Night Church.

242. Provision

242.A fridge full of food.

242. The smell of Thanksgiving filling the house.

243. Hope against all hope 

244. Wisdom from above.

245. Worship music playing 

246. A Bible in my lap.

247. Prophetic words spoken over me rehearsed and remembered.

248. Family recipes passed down.

249. A warm bed on a chilly morning.

250. Alarm clock turned off during vacation.

251. Neighbors waving hi.

252. Toddler feet running through the house.

252. Lord Have Your Way

253. Persistent in prayer.

254. The Pacific Ocean....a 20 minute drive away.

255. My babies tucked into bed: safe,warm and loved.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!