A Hug and Thank You: Gratitude Continues

As a mother, I don't do things for my children because I'm looking for a thank you. I simply do it out of love. I will spend money on them for clothes and shoes before myself because I want them to look good more than they even care. I spend time meal planning and buying snacks, not because they ask but because I want their tummies to be full before they grumble. I wash clothes and make sure clean towels are ready at hand all without a second thought. In the middle of the night, I pull blankets over them that they've kicked off. I pray over them as they sleep just because of love. 

Sweet childhood memories revisited with a trip to the grocery store

Sweet childhood memories revisited with a trip to the grocery store

The other day, my six-year-old hugged me and thanked me for the "delicious dinner" out of the blue. Unexpected thank you's from them are lovely and make my heart glad. I'm sure this is how God feels when I thank Him for little things that most take for granted.

Taking time to hug the Heavenly Father and thank Him for:


21. Stumbling upon small Coke bottles today and remembering my grandfather who would have one for me ready after school every day.

22.  Finding myself in the book of Ruth.

23.  Books of every stage around the house opened and flipped through.

24. My 10-year-old reading scripture before bedtime.

25. #DearLostMe on repeat...

26. A 6-year-old big brother who offers to "braid" his baby sister's hair.

27. A husband who loves when I'm unloveable.

28. Sufficient grace + trading my weakness for God's strength. 

29. That stone that was rolled away.

30. Remembering Daddy 4 1/2 years later...and smiling.