The Gift List: I'll Always Love My Momma

My mom & I being silly at San Francisco's Land's End Lookout above Sutro Baths

My mom & I being silly at San Francisco's Land's End Lookout above Sutro Baths

There's nothing more frightening than getting a call that your mother is in the ER. That happened this week. The culprit: a blood clot in her leg. She's being treated and is well but it still rocked me to the core. Having lost my father nearly 5 years ago to cancer, the thought of losing my mother is downright scary.

This is not the first scare with my mother. Almost 20 years ago, she had a heart attack and the doctors worked on her until they said there was nothing more to be done. But a nurse said my mother was too young to be left for dead and urged the doctor to keep working. I'm so grateful for that nurse.

Right now I'm grateful for my mother. Grateful for the month of May that marks her birthday and brimming with gratitude for:


31. Little boys who fall asleep to worship music.

32. And audio Bible stories.

33. Friendships that span 30 years.

34. Cousins who are like siblings.

35. Seeing my husband kiss and love on our children.

36. A church home where the gifts of the Holy Spirit flow freely. 

37. A firm foundation.

38. Facetiming with my mother every day.

39. Brownies warm out of the oven.

40. My 6-year-old telling me he's going to love me forever. 

41. Still in the book of Ruth: a reminder that famine, death & grief can be replaced with life, blessings and sweet redemption.

42. 95 degree weather.

43. "To walk in the cool of the day with You/To gaze on the beauty of all You do/To meditate on Your glorious splendor/I was made for you."

44. Little boys who kneel in prayer.

45. My kindergartner's teacher call to check on her student at home.

46. Nutella and pretzels.

47. A good night's sleep.

48. Saturday night church.

49. Friends who pray and walk along the stony road with me.

50. Sweet watermelon in season.

What are you grateful for?