The Gift List: Memories and Moments

IMG_5326 copy.jpg

I adore this photo of my father and my oldest from eight years ago. It sums up their relationship perfectly: mutual love. My father's greatest pride was being a grandfather. The other day I was a little down because I realized my oldest is the only one who really has memories of him. But what great memories he has. Just glad my dad got the chance to relish being a grandfather. Some other things my heart is singing gratitude for:


91. Discovering video of my father with my oldest son

92. Watching the kids enjoy play time in the backyard after dinner

93. Dining al fresco

94. Saturday nights at Chick-fil.-A after church service  

95. A message at church from a guest speaker that confirms what is already in my heart

96. My father's eclectic taste in music handed down to me

97. New music that I forgot I'd downloaded  

98. And Jillian Edwards' album Daydream on repeat

99. Friends reaching across the miles for prayer

100. Morning hugs from my six year old

101.  Connections I've made on social media that have turned into real life friends

102. A sister who makes childhood fun for my kiddos

103. Belly laughs with my mother over FaceTime

104. A promise of power for my faint moments

105. My babies growing big and tall and lean

106. Giggles and tickles and hugs amongst siblings

107. A hope that does not disappoint

108. Summer in Southern California

109. The steady hum of the dryer full of clean clothes

110. Sweet redemption