The Gift List: Entering With Thanksgiving


Entering the Thanksgiving season with a continued list of blessings big and small. 


151. Prayers offered up to God: holy incense.

152. Anticipation

153. Sweet watermelon

154. And ripe peaches

155. Floral skirts

156. Popsicles of every color.

157. Being humble enough to apologize.

158. My grandmother's recipes....passed down.

159. Afternoon sunlight pouring into the living room.

160. You Can Depend On Jesus

161.  The smell of freshlly baked muffins filling the house.

162. An unexpected overnight rain.

163. Sweet voice mail messages from family.

164. Standing on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

165. God singing over me. 

166. Still loving his kiss after 14 years.

167. Summer strawberries.

168. Friendly neighbors.

169. And kind strangers.

170. Maxi skirts and sandals.

171. Grits

172. And eggs scrambled soft.

173. Sweet news of a friend's pregnancy after two miscarriages.

174. Skirts that twirl.

175. Hugs that hold tight and last a while.

176. My 10 year old leading us in prayer.

177. "It is well with my soul" sung loudly and with conviction.

178. Standing in the gap in prayer.

179. "Thank you" from my husband.

180. "He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. "

181. A glimpse of God working on the other side of the mountain.

182. A visit from my cousin-in-law who is just like a natural-born cousin.

183. Baby girl playing in my hair.

184. Leftovers for lunch.

185. The SoCal sky at sunset.

186. Warm showers.

187. Clean linens on the bed pulled tight.

188. Compliments from strangers.

189. Piles of books on my nightstand.

190. A fresh coat of polish on my toes.

191. A FaceTime call with my mother on the other end.

192. Leg hugs from baby girl when I pick her up.

193. That happy exhaustion after a work out.

194. A grocery cart full of food.

195. Sending thinking about you texts.

196....and receiving them too.

What's on your gift list?