Crazy how before this little girl came on the scene, I thought our family was complete. Now that she's here, I wonder how we lived life without her. She's such a strong-willed and nurturing little soul that has brought such light and love with her.

She loves helping me out with household tasks like sweeping and dishes and is a pro at bossing her brothers around. But she's also very nurturing, often wandering into the boys' room to ask "you okay?" She adores fingernail polish and lip gloss, but is equally enamored of the boys' toys.

There's so much I love about this little girl. One thing I love is what she has brought out of me. With her, I realized just how capable I am of trusting my gut. When I was in labor with her, the nurse kept telling me I had a while to go because I wasn't dilated enough, but I knew she was closer than they thought. I even asked my husband to go get a nurse because it was time to push. They all took their time, so I trusted what I knew and started pushing. Sure enough, when they came in and saw her head, they started scurrying around. Giving birth to her let me know that I don't have to second guess my self ever.

As with all my kids, I'm so looking forward to what life has in store for this little girl. I pray blessings over her life and trust God to work out His good will for her.

Here's a video I made for her first birthday. Guess I'll be needing to update this one soon.