A Quiet Place to War

About a week ago, we were all set to see War Room, except plans fell through with the person who was to watch the kids. So I ended up going the next day and catching a weekday matinee with the boys since they were out of school. 

The story revolves around a woman who discovers the power of prayer in her prayer closet i.e. war room. And let's just say that I walked out of that theater with a continued vigor to focus on prayer. Funny thing is, God had already handed down a challenge to pray. 

I'm part of #PeriSistersinChrist, a Periscope group of Christian women scopers. During the month of August, we'd entered into a 30-day prayer challenge for our husbands and marriages. So this movie was pretty much a confirmation for what had already been going on in my life. 

After leaving, I really wished I'd had a war room of my own. But with 3 kids and 3 bedrooms all being used, there is no extra space. That is until my boys suggested the entryway closet. I dismissed the idea because the closet is small and frankly, the idea of cleaning out all the clutter that was in there didn't sound appealing. But when I got home, I opened the door to that closet and realized it just might be the right space.

So as I got to work on clearing the closet out, the opposition started: the kids started fighting, the three-year-old had a potty accident (which never happens) and then I got a sinus headache of epic proportions after cleaning out all of the dusty junk in there. My frustration level was rising and I almost dumped everything back in the closet until I realized that the opposition was more than just sibling bickering and a potty accident. 

I've managed to get that closet cleared out but haven't had time to fix it up. So for now I have a few throw pillows on the floor until I can get some time to get it spruced up.

A dedicated  place to pray: talk about a priority shift. We have a dedicated place to be entertained with TV, a dedicated place to stuff our faces in the house but no dedicated place for prayer. Talk about a heart check. And while prayer will take place whenever and wherever, I like the fact that there is a set aside place to meet with God.

What about you? Have you seen the War Room? What were your takeaways?