But Evil is Winning God Ep8

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When evil seems to be winning, we have to remember three things about God:

1. God will bring redemption of out the enemy’s evil plans. God not only saves Joash, but uses Jehoshabeath to redeem the role of women. We also see that Jehosheba and Jehoiada together are agents of redemption for marriage. Redemption is one of the most beautiful themes in the Bible. God creates something good but it’s subverted for evil – then comes in again and redeems it, giving it back the purpose and goodness it was always meant to have. The throne in Judah was meant for the royal seed. Athaliah tries to taint it, but her plan backfires and she is destroyed.

2. God will bring His promise/plan to pass. With God, life always arises out of death. With Joash hidden, God’s plan was quietly unfolding with the passage of each year. The ascension of Joash to the throne is evidence of God’s continued faithfulness to His promise made to David in I Samuel 7.

3. God will bring justice according to His sovereignty/timing. The death of Athaliah shows that God sometimes metes out justice in temporal matters. We see this happen in both Old and New Testaments. However, God does this according to His own wisdom and for our good.

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