PODCAST: 5 Ways to Boost Your Bible Study Skills Ep17

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The Bible is a historical, factual book, but, above all else, it is a book about God and who He is. We can't possibly fathom all that God is, so we come in knowing that there will always be more to learn about the Bible and God....always. We will never exhaust its knowledge. Keep in mind that there are 11 categories of culture that need to be taken into consideration when reading the Bible. They are: political  * religious * economic * legal * agricultural * architectural* clothing * domestic * geographical * military * social. The Bible was written in the framework of another time. So though its spiritual significance is timeless, it was written within the boundaries of culture and should be read with that in mind. Inductive study uses investigative tools to gather information about the Bible: Observation (taking in all the facts about the text taking into consideration its context), Interpretation (figuring out what the text is saying & keeping in mind there is only one correct interpretation), Application (lessons for your life). OBSERVATION acronym courtesy of Bobby Conway - One Minute Apologist.

O- observe prayerfully

B- begin by seeing the big picture

S- select key words

E- explore commands to follow

R- record any warnings given

V- venture to find promises proclaimed

A- ask and answer questions in the text

T- target the key places and people

I- inspect the contrasts and comparisons you see

O- overview your discoveries in light of the context

N- note words repeated and emphasized

S- select the style of literature


List of resources to use for Bible study.

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