God's Relentless Pursuit of You Ep 028

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God's Pursuit of You

We often hear much talk about free will. But God is relentless in His pursuit of us even though we have the free will to turn down His persistent chasing. The whole Bible is the story of how God is seeking out His people to return to Him. That’s the heart of the gospel—God going after sinful people. We are constantly hiding and running from a loving God. Many people define religion as man’s search for God. However, the Bible paints a beautiful portrait of God’s search for man. The mystery of it all is that God pursues man! When Adam and Eve hid from His presence, the Lord called, “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9).

It’s our sin that makes us hide. 

There’s a poem by Francis Thompson called the The Hound of Heaven that so beautifully depicts this truth. In The Hound of Heaven, Thompson runs from God in order to maintain the pleasures of his riotous living. 

What God banished Adam and Eve from, He wanted to replace what was taken with Himself. God is pursuing us with the same intent. His purpose in HIs pursuit is so that we find in Him our soul's desire.

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