The Family Field Trip

The Family Field Trip

This past weekend we took a family field trip as part of an assignment for our 10 year old's class. What I thought would be a chore actually turned out to be fun.

For his assignment, he chose to visit a mission. He initially chose a mission in San Luis Obispo, but it was too far for a day trip so he opted for The Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. 

The mission was founded in 1771 as the fourth of what would become 21 Spanish missions in California. The grounds included a museum, gift shop, cemetery, and an elementary and high school.

With so much to take in, it was hard to be bored. We'd forgotten how much rich history lies in California.  

It was nice to go somewhere we we weren't being consumers. Instead of dishing out money, we were taking in some knowledge. It was such a wonderful day that we have decided...

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