The Gift List: Counting Blessings

And the gratitude list continues.

Counting blessings instead of problems.


51. Silly smiles, swings and sunshine.

52. The joy and laughter (and good food) at family gathering.  

53. Stones being revived from heaps of rubbish Nehemiah 4:2

54. The boys first surfing trip with Daddy.  

55. Hearing baby girl's giggles down the hall as I pick her up from Children's Church.  

56. Seeing the boys sing their hearts out at their school's spring musical.  

57. And watching my kindergartner bow after every single song. 

58. My grandmother's pecan praline recipe.

59. Visiting with my 92-year-old great aunt

60. Flipping through old photo albums.

61. Edifiying myself. 

62. Stacks of neatly folded clothes.

63. Standing in the gap. 

64. Teachers who encourage and care for my children.

65. Healthy kids after two weeks of sickness.

66. A text from my cousin in the middle of the work day that has us both laughing out loud.

67. A promise I'm clinging to

68. Aunt Mary's pound cake.

69. A sister who is invaluable.

70. The growing stack of books to read on my nightstand.

What's on your gratitude list today?