Pick a Pinterest Project: Jewelry Storage (AFTER)

I've had a ton of projects I've been meaning to tackle...especially since I said I was going to do one project a month based on some inspiration from my Pinterest boards. But life got in the way more than I anticipated. However, I'm happy to announce I've gotten a few things finished.

My first project announced way back in January was jewelry storage. You can see before pictures here. I had a big problem with jewelry being a hassle to get to. So glad that problem is gone.

This project cost $30. The shelf was donated from a friend who was tossing it out. All it needed was a little TLC. (I wish I would have taken a before picture). I readjusted the hangers on the back, sanded it a bit and stained it from the light brown color it was to a dark brown. The burlap covered message board was $15 at Home Goods and the glass jars were $15 total (found in the bathroom section). Everything else was stuff I already owned.

After staining the shelf and letting it dry, the project took less than an hour to complete. The only down side is that some of my jewelry was such a tangled mess that it had to be tossed. 

Bangles are kept in the glass jar to the left. Fine jewelry in the small porcelain container and miscellaneous stuff in the glass jar to the right.

Best part is baby girl can longer reach my jewelry and walk around the house wearing my bangles.

I'd love to see how you keep your jewelry. Please share!

Pick a Pinterest Project: Jewelry Storage (BEFORE PICS)

Pick a Pinterest Project: Jewelry Storage (BEFORE PICS)

For my first project I'm going to tackle my jewelry storage. What I have going on now is dreadful. I have a small jewelry armoire that I detest and most of the time, I wear the same pieces over because what's in there is a tangled mess. I dump stuff in a decorative bowl on the dresser or in a small dresser drawer. Here's my "system" for lack of a better word....

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