Nothing You See Is Impossible With God

Imagine your 12-year-old daughter...your only at the point of death. Lying in her bed at home with no good medical news on the horizon. You're a leader in the church, yet your position and prayers have not brought change to the situation.

You hear that a famed healer is in town, so you rush to meet Him and when you see Him you kneel before Him saying, "My daughter is at death's door. Come and lay hands on her so she will get well and live."

The Man agrees but gets stopped on the way to your house by a woman who has been hemorrhaging for 12 years. He heals the woman, but by the time He's done, someone from your house comes and says your daughter has died.

Just then, the Man says: "Don't listen to them. Just trust me."

The Man then proceeds to go to into the dying girls house and bring her back to life. You can read the full accounts of the healing here:

Jesus came to the desperate father's house and did what others thought could never happen. He brought a dead girl back to life.

What I love about this account is that it's still relevant to us today living in the new millennium. We can go to Jesus and ask Him to touch that which is dying in our lives. This girl couldn't ask for healing herself like the bleeding woman, so her father went on her behalf.

We can do the same for those in our lives in dying situations. When Jesus went into the house and said, "Why all this commotion and wailing? The child is dead not asleep." Those around Him laughed and mocked. 

When we got to God about those dead things in and around our lives, there will be those who laugh at us and say:

- Forget about that drug-addicted family's over for them. They made the choice.

- That dream you had in your 20s? It's done, You're too old to make that happen.


- You will never ever have a good relationship with your baby mama or long-lost father or estranged spouse. Give it up and move on.

But Jesus looks us straight in the face and says, "Don't be afraid; just believe."

Sometimes you just have to turn your back on the facts and turn your face to faith.

Believe that your marriage can be restored even if divorce papers are pending. Believe that your business can turn around even when business looks bad. Believe that your troubled child will turn the corner and get back on track. Believe that the other parent of your child will learn to deal with you and co-parent in peace.

The bleeding woman who interrupted Jesus and the father of the dying girl had one thing in common. They both showed great faith in Jesus alone. There are many things that don't come to pass in our lives simply because we don't believe that Jesus can do it. Instead we look at what we are facing instead of looking at what Jesus is facing.

I like the way The Message Bible says it in Luke 1:37: "Nothing, you see, is impossible with God." Take away the commas and it read: Nothing you see is impossible with God.

We see sickness but it's not impossible for God to fix.

We see infertility but it's not impossible for God.

There are some things that I've buried and held a funeral over in my life.

Maybe today, you need to ask Jesus to come and touch a few things and bring them back to life..or like the bleeding woman you need to reach out and touch Jesus so he can stop that which is trying to kill you and your faith.

No thing is impossible.