Makes Me Happy Monday (number 7)


There's finally a chill in the air here in Southern California which makes it feel more like the holidays.

Here are a few links I happened upon that are worth a read:

Don't Wish It Away by Pete Larson: An encouraging post about not wishing away the hectic-ness of raising small kids.

My Twitter pal Kim Cash Tate has launched a new Bible study on her blog called Desperate: A Psalms Study. She has a intro video here. I'm so looking foward to joining her in this mini Bible study.

Louie Giglio is one of my favorite preachers of all time. He recently did a sermon series titled Comeback. Yesterday, I was catching up on my podcasts and started listening. Right. On. Time. Here's the first in the series: Paradise In A Garbage Dump.

It's A Beginning by Jon Acuff: A reminder that we all start somewhere...even the greatest of us.

Finally, how to use punctuation--for the writer geek in all of us.