Overheard: Things The Five Year Old Says


Five is my favorite age of all. Five is fun and lovable and just a ball of goodness. But in just a few short days, this guy will be a six years old. And soon he'll be all boy and no more baby. I'm a little sad because I love the way five year olds  think, speak and feel because it's all truth, innocence and sweetness. Here's a roundup of some of the stuff that has been spilling out of the five year old lately:

I feel like I'm in food jail. 

Beyonce is evil.  

Why do we have to bless our food?

When I get a wife, I'm still going to remember you Mommy.

Why do boys have peanuts? (i.e. penises)

I have a chest of beauty.

If I'm in church then God's church. If I'm out of church, then God is out of church. He's everywhere.

Santa is a fairy tale. Just a big, fat fairy tale.

When I have kids, I'm gonna name him Mickey Mouse. If it's a girl, then Minnie Mouse. I hope my wife agrees.

I don't want my baby sister to marry a dummy.

I'm really going to miss five.