Stumbling into Faith

Stumbling into Faith

It's been almost three weeks since I turned in my resignation, cleaned out my office at work, returned my badge, laptop and keys, and said good-bye to my co-workers. Since that time, I've been a stay-at-home mom to three kids. Just this week, I've applied for a homeschooling charter school and sat in orientation for another because I believe that God has laid it on my heart.

It's been a crazy whirlwind of walking, or shall I say, stumbling by faith these past few weeks.

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currently: June 2016

currently: June 2016

Marveling: at how much this little girl loves words and books. My mother tells me I was the same way at her age.

Listening: to lots of KB thanks to the boys. I like that they can listen to music without a good beat without me having to worry about the lyrics. There's lots of Laurie Berkner and Elizabeth Mitchell thanks to the little threenager. I love the kids eclectic taste in music.

Watching: Teenage Newlyweds on fyi,. My sister got me hooked on it. I'm also 

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Declarations of Independence: Learning to Loosen the Grasp in Parenting

Declarations of Independence: Learning to Loosen the Grasp in Parenting

I'm a recovering helicopter parent.

I'll admit, I once was that mother who wanted to fix everything, make sure my kid was never hurt and manage all affairs. But once your kids grow up (or you have more than one kid), you realize that tactic just ain't gonna cut it.

I felt like I've spent most of my mothering years pushing independence and carefully watching every step. As my oldest son is moving into the teen years, the more I have to let the reigns go. The more I let go, I see that he's actually able to handle himself in the world without my constant navigation. Liberating for him. Scary for me.

Recently, my son auditioned for the lead role in the school musical. Instead of being excited, I was scared out of my wits for him because lead roles normally got to upperclassmen, not middle schoolers. So I prepared him by telling him not to be disappointed when he didn't land the role and to expect that students who are older and graduating will be chosen to star. He didn't let my warnings sway him.

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currently: april 2016

currently: april 2016

Missing: Spring Break. Instead of traveling, we staycationed and acted like tourists in SoCal. Took the kids to Hollywood (where we chanced upon a star with my father's name), got a glimpse of the Hollywood sign and other hot spots. The kids had a ball!

Reading: Yet another book by Elisabeth Elliot: God's Guidance: A Slow and Steady Light (renamed God's Guidance: Finding His Will For Your Life). And 

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The Fine Art of Growing Old(er) Gracefully

The Fine Art of Growing Old(er) Gracefully

It's bewildering to be barreling toward middle age when you don't feel like a middle-ager. This summer, my birthday will put  me smack dab in the center of middle age...that is if I live to be 90. It's sobering to realize that I probably have more years of living under my belt than are ahead of me.

I look in the mirror and see how the aging process has sped up. Just a few short years ago, people would mistake me for being in my 20's. No one in their right mind would make that mistake now. I used to get called Miss, now it's exclusively ma'am.

Growing old is a blessing, but it sure doesn't feel like it when 

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Everyday Life...One Second at a Time

Life moves too fast, especially when you have kids. I've been capturing photos of them but wanted to capture more video. A little over a month ago, I discovered the One Second Everyday app that lets you capture one second of video everyday and then mash it up into one video. Perfect for this busy momma.

Wish I would have discovered this in January, but here goes.

Because I Don't Want to Forget...

...her little lisp

....and cute grin

....and how nurturing (and very bossy she is).

...his obsession with light sabers and dancing he says he's going to be a prophet for God

....and how he's simultaneously driving me mad and more in love with him every day. he's slipping further away from boyhood and into the teenage years. responsible and self-driven he is

...and how he can talk a  mile a minute.

Tis' true: In parenting, the days are long but the years are short.


currently: february 2016

Navigating (read refereeing) life between a toddler and tween (and a middle child!). Let's just say that I prefer the toddler tantrums over the tween angst. 

Listening to LeCrae's Church Clothes 3 thanks to the boys and Jess Ray's Sentimental Creatures which is free on Noisetrade now. Her lyrics are everything. My taste is crazy eclectic, I know.

Reading this, and just finished reading this.

Watching Season One of This is Life with Lisa Ling on Netflix. She's one of my favorite journalists because she always asks the right questions.

Walking like a mad woman thanks to Fitbit challenges that friends invite me to.

Enjoying the summer in winter weather we are having in February. It's was 87 degrees the other day and I had to turn the AC on.

Researching homeschooling options....that's a whole 'nother talk show.

Loving how shiny flaxseed gel is making my little threenager's twists. And it's cheap and easy to make. And one batch makes a bunch. Winner!

Enjoying the black history month videos from Nick. So creative and cute.

Wanting a trip to Body Time in the Bay Area to replenish my stash of smell goods.

Anything new with you? Do share!