currently: June 2016

raising a reader

Marveling: at how much this little girl loves words and books. My mother tells me I was the same way at her age.

Listening: to lots of KB thanks to the boys. I like that they can listen to music with a gospel rap that has a good beat without me having to worry about the lyrics. There's lots of Laurie Berkner and Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell thanks to the little threenager. I love the kids eclectic taste in music.

Watching: Teenage Newlyweds on fyi,. My sister got me hooked on it. I'm also taking in big does of Tiny House Hunters on HGTV. If we didn't have 3 growing kids, this would be a great option. 

Reading: Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray. Keeping in line with this being the year of the Christian classic for me.

Enjoying: the 1SE app. I love looking back on little mundane and magical moments on video. Here's the month of May in 30 seconds.

Liking: the bullet journal system in my Midori Traveler's Notebook. Will have to do a post on how well it's working for me.

Needing: to sew some of these DIY headbands. Love headbands but hate how much they cost at the store. Adding this DIY maxi skirt to my list too. 

Working: on the second part of the Sisters with Swords Bible Study for a study in the book of Genesis chapters 12-50. Join us! Sign up here.

Finishing: up a DIY canvas sign that I started over Spring Break. This one will hang in the kitchen.

DIY canvas sign

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