currently: february 2015

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Reading: Two books at once: These Strange Ashes and Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot. I mentioned in my last post how influential her teaching has been in my life and revisiting her work has been refreshing for my soul. I’m especially loving Let Me Be a Woman. It’s a book of “letters” she wrote to her daughter as a wedding gift full of insight and wisdom about womanhood, marriage and home life.

let me be a woman

Watching: Tons and tons of HGTV. Since I’m a cord cutter, I haven’t been able to watch HGTV except old episodes on Netflix. I recently signed up for a 7-day free trial for Sling TV which is now on Roku that includes the cable channel HGTV among other things. The boys love Disney and Cartoon Network, so I decided to keep it. At $20, it wasn’t’ too much and that brings the total TV bill to $36.That’s manageable compared to the $100+ cable bill we used to have.

Listening to: All of the United Pursuit albums. I even created a playlist because the worship is just so sweet to me. My favorite is: Live at the Banks House by Will Reagan and United Pursuit. I just downloaded Virtue’s new album Testimony Reloaded which is playing as I’m typing.  And just pre-ordered Tyrone Wells’ new album Roll With It. Four songs came with the pre-order so I’m pretty much in heaven.

kate spade planner

Loving: my Kate Spade planner. It fits in my purse and keeps me from being a crazy lady (most of the time).

Enjoying: The Thru the Bible podcast by Dr. J. Vernon McGee. I’m listening to his through the Bible in five year lessons. He’s now on the book of James. Growing up, my mother used to listen to him religiously. As a kid, I always found his voice comforting during car rides with my mother. Now that I’m grown, I see why she always listened. He has such knowledge about the Word.

Shopping: at the Goodwill. Since that middle child of mine likes to wears holes in the knees of perfectly good jeans, I decided jeans from the Goodwill would suffice for his play pants. Little did I know the treasures there. I used to thrift years ago. It looks like the flame has been re-ignited. I’ve found some cute dresses, some brand new items for me and baby girl as well as two pair of almost new Levi’s for her. I stop in regularly now and it might be a borderline addiction. The items below were all $2 each. Can't be that.

What's new in your world?

goodwill haul