currently: january 2015


Loving: the photo of the boys from five years ago that my cousin texted me the other day. Hard to imagine life with just two kids now that there are three. Seems like just yesterday they were that small. Working hard to cherish the days with them now because soon they'll be grown and gone.

Watching: Lots of Netflix lately. Enjoyed an indie film over the weekend called Like Father, Like Son. It's the story of switched births and lessons learned. Good, good stuff! I also recently watched Room 335 on Netflix. It's a documentary by Andrew Jenks who moved into a senior living home when he was 19 and what unfolded was unexpected by him and his crew. Heartwarming! I loved it.

Looking forward to: another trip to the library. My aim has been to trim my book budget by checking out books at the library. Checked out books for the kids. But after my current read (which is from my personal collection) I'll be heading back to check out some books for myself.

Enjoying: Real Simple magazine's Women in Real Life campaign on Instagram. In a world of perfectly posed photos, it's nice to see real life stuff on Instagram. And I can relate to so many of the posts that feature life in all its messy glory. Check out the photos here.


Reading: Schulz and Peanuts. After our trip to the Charles M. Schulz museum over the Christmas break, I became more interested in the man behind the comic strip. I've had this book for years and even got through two chapters. But life (or another book got in the way). Picked it back up and am enjoying it again.

Thinking about: hiring a private investigator to track down our former housekeeper. Her number is disconnected, I can't remember where her house is and the number she had for us in no longer in service. *sigh* I really need her now. I've prayed to Jesus for her to find me or vice versa. She was a gem! Will keep you all posted on the answer to this prayer.

Listening to: Lots of worship music lately: Will Reagan's Set A Fire, Jaye Thomas' Here Is My Worship,  and I put Andrae Crouch back in the mix after his death last week. So much of my childhood and spiritual walk was built on his music.

What's current with you?