currently: february 2016

Navigating (read refereeing) life between a toddler and tween (and a middle child!). Let's just say that I prefer the toddler tantrums over the tween angst. 

Listening to LeCrae's Church Clothes 3 thanks to the boys and Jess Ray's Sentimental Creatures which is free on Noisetrade now. Her lyrics are everything. My taste is crazy eclectic, I know.

Reading this, and just finished reading this.

Watching Season One of This is Life with Lisa Ling on Netflix. She's one of my favorite journalists because she always asks the right questions.

Walking like a mad woman thanks to Fitbit challenges that friends invite me to.

Enjoying the summer in winter weather we are having in February. It's was 87 degrees the other day and I had to turn the AC on.

Researching homeschooling options....that's a whole 'nother talk show.

Loving how shiny flaxseed gel is making my little threenager's twists. And it's cheap and easy to make. And one batch makes a bunch. Winner!

Enjoying the black history month videos from Nick. So creative and cute.

Wanting a trip to Body Time in the Bay Area to replenish my stash of smell goods.

Anything new with you? Do share!