God is Concerned About Every Need. Yes, Even That One

Right now I've got a laundry list of things I need. 



Personal space


The list grows.  

As I got anxious about my needs. This verse quietly looped in my head.  "But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Not some, but all that I need. I grew up thinking that this verse just pointed to our basic necessities such a food and shelter. I've come to realize that God is concerned about every little thing that concerns us. And when He supplies He fills up till it's full. I think of my own kids and how I supply their basic needs but as a loving parent, I also tend to those needs in a way that's personal to them. I know that meatloaf doesn't agree with the six year old, so while making dinner, I provide something that works for him. I know that my oldest likes certain treats so I make certain to put those in the cart when grocery shopping. Even the baby at 18 months old has certain tastes and preferences that I take note of.

In the same way, God in His loving kindness supplies my needs so that I can go about the business of my life. And if He knows I need sleep to keep going, He's going to make that happen. Last night, I was so tired I wanted to weep. I barely had the energy to make dinner and get the kids to bed. I prayed that the night was be uneventful--and to my surprise it was. The days prior to that the baby had been crying when I laid her down & the boys fussing at each other making for a stressful bedtime routine. But last night, she laid her head down and immediately went to sleep and the boys said their prayers and went straight to bed. I whispered a thank you to Jesus for knowing that I wanted to get into bed as soon as the kids did. I was in the bed at 9 p.m. (unheard of for me) and I woke up refreshed. Such a little thing, but such a big deal at the time.

While my list of things I need grows, I don't fret over what I can take before God and ask Him for anymore because He's concerned about the whole entire list--just like He's concerned with every little aspect of my life. What I like most is that God supplies my needs AND He does it out of His limitless supply.

I think about a message at church I heard once where the preacher said that instead of putting our hands out and asking God to fill them up, we should  put them behind our backs. Then ask God to put our requests in His hands and give them to us--that way we can see His abundance in our lives.

Lately, the baby has been sticking her hand out for snacks when she sees me with something. I fill her little hand up with just few snacks because that's all she can manage to hold. Soon, she's back and asking for more. But when I fill up a snack container up for her, she sits and enjoys without returning every few seconds. That's how God wants us to live--not with bits and pieces and barely enough but enough for us to be satisfied.

Have you been guilty of sticking your own hand out to God? I know I have. I'm trading that all in for His immeasurable supply.