How My Bad Sight Had Led To Increased Vision

I'm still a little heartbroken.

An eye exam from a few months ago revealed that I need bifocals. BIFOCALS? I thought they were for elderly people on canes. Thankfully, I have a husband who rescued me from having to actually wear bifocals with the little magnifying boxes on each lens and paid the extra for me to get progressive lenses. 

My eye doctor said I was showing the classic signs of needing them: taking off my glasses to read items up close or small print. Ugh. I'm way too young for bifocals. Plus, how can that make sense when my regular prescription is actually a tad too strong for my nearsighted eyes now?

Sportin' my bifocals

Sportin' my bifocals

So I'm now sporting progressive lenses. The eye doctor said the older I get the worse my near vision is while my long range vision is slightly more clear. Turns out some people who have myopia (nearsightedness) see their eyesight improve naturally with age.

 The older I get the worse my near vision is while my long range vision is slightly more clear.

In my 20s, all I cared about was my "near vision" what was happening in the here and now. I wasn't concerned with the future so much. It was about hanging out with friends. Traveling. Buying clothes. Enjoying the moment. Having fun.

I tried to remember the last time I thought like that. Truly, it's been a while. My concern these days is the bigger picture and long range such as: the legacy I'm leaving my children,  preparing these little lives for life outside of the nest and working on nailing down a secure future.

Funny how things change when you're in a different decade of your life.  I have to chuckle at the 20-something girl I once was. So care-free. Nothing wrong with that at all. But that attitude towards life doesn't work now that I'm a mom of three.

I need to help cast a vision for our little family. I need to have eyes of faith that see that which doesn't exist in the physical realm. I need to be able to see who my children are and raise them according to their natural strengths.  

While I can't always see the small print that the kids shove in front of my face to read, I can see that: 

my oldest has a sensitive and tender heart towards the things of God and that I shouldn't quench that in him. 

my second son is a carefree spirit who resists being put in a box and I have to learn how to not suppress that while also giving him boundaries. 

my baby girl is strong and sure and confident in what she wants...already. 

I hope that as I get older my long-range vision continues to sharpen.  And that I'll be prayerful and proactive in guiding these little lives and covering them in prayer.