On Making Alterations and Stumbling Upon Happiness

The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn’t fit, you make alterations.
— Linda Hunt in Silverado

Oh blogging, how I've missed thee! 

I'm feeling like the new kid at school right about now. New blog. New blogging platform. Still trying to find my way around, but eager to dig in and get involved. Feels so weird to be blogging somewhere new after 7 years of blogging.

A few months back, I created a book from my old blog for history sake and hesitantly pushed the delete button. Hard choice, but necessary. 

Sometimes we grow out of things & that's where I was.

Sometimes parts of life become like old clothes. Too tight. Too loose. Or simply not our style anymore. At any rate, a change has to be made when we find ourselves in that situation. 

Truth is, there are some ill-fitting things in my life right about now and there are adjustments in the works. But it's great to make a decision for change and come out on the other side of that decision. Hard choices sometimes bring on different kinds of happy.  A happy caused by relief of just getting through it. A happy from being free of whatever is ill-fitting or simply a happy from just having the courage to make a new choice.

So on the blog I'll be sharing about different forms of happy that I've been stumbling upon (as well as little things that make me smile) . They're everywhere now that I've opened my eyes up to them. 

The blog is based on the song "Different Kinds of Happy" by Sara Groves. And the back story on the song echoes my sentiments: getting to the other side of something and finding an unexpected happiness waiting there. 

She says: "There’s the happy of my wedding day, which is sort of what all the movies are about, the sweetness of standing up with my family looking on and all the beauty of that.  And then there’s the happy of a day in the counselor’s office where we’ve just ripped our guts out and laid them on the table, and I’ve told him, “This is who I really am.  Are you going to stick around?” and he just showed me, “This is who I really am. Are you going to stick around?”  And we walked out of there with a joy; I can’t even explain the happy of that day.  It’s just unspeakable.  Our marriage now is the fruit of that better foundation being laid.  That was like at Year Seven.  Of all the marriages that I know, the best ones have just gone to hell and back.  Not that you have to do that; I know some marriages where that having just disemboweled each other, but pretty much the best marriages I know are just beautiful because they’ve had to work it out.  That’s what “Different Kinds of Happy is about.”

Okay now your turn. Have you recently run across a different kind of happy that you didn't see coming? Please share in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you.