Surpises Sometimes Come In Bundles of Pink

Life takes us by surprise and orders us to move toward the unknown -even when we don't want to and when we think we don't need to.”
― Paulo Coelho


I like to call this little pink bundle the child of our “Abraham and Sarah” years.  I was not expecting to be pregnant again. Definitely not at my age even though I had a handful of friends who had just had babies.

I have to admit, at first I was angry. Scared. Nervous. Sure, I’d already had two boys and was stepmom to a teenage daughter, but a baby? And I was sure it was another boy. I wasn’t sure I had enough energy or strength to deal with another one of them. Plus, I'd hit a groove with parenthood and a baby would upset all that.

Then the news came (after two ultrasounds) that there was a baby girl on the way….and my heart softened…and I got excited. And what was a surprise turned into a gift that came right on time.

With her, I feel like the parent I wish I would have been the first time around. I don’t feel swayed by what other people think I should do and I had no problem telling the doctors and nurses what I wanted when I went into labor.

During my first pregnancy, I reluctantly had an epidural only to be so numb I couldn’t even feel myself pushing.  (My 2nd came so fast there was no time to be admitted into the hospital, much less get any drugs). This time around, I refused an epidural. While the pain was intense, I felt much more in control and feel that things went much faster.

This little baby girl confirmed that I can trust my gut even when others are questioning it.

Our pink-bundled surprise has softened hearts, brought joy we never knew was missing and turned the boys from two wrestling maniacs into protective, caring, sensitive big brothers.

The thing about life’s surprises it that it forces you out of cruise control and makes you start driving. They can drive you to your knees or cause you to confront yourself as you never have before

Life's little surprises can unfold a new journey that we didn't know was possible.  

I’m loving the mother and person that this little baby is growing in me.