Makes Me Happy Monday (number 4)

It's Monday. Rise and shine!



A few links to share that Made Me Smile

Knowing When It's Time To Surrender the Vision: Sometimes God delivers an on-time word. This article was mine this week "But I’m here to tell you that the answer is not to quit and give up. The answer is to surrender."

How To Talk to Little Girls: As a new mom to a daughter, I found this read very insightful.  And it's actually great advice for anyone dealing with little girls: "engage them about something other than their physical appearance."

Stumbled upon this site called Advanced Style where the blogger takes pics of stylish older people he crosses paths with in the streets. So fun to view

Instagram and Self-esteem: interesting read over at Slate. 

Lessons Learned from an 80 Year Old


This weekend I joined the boys for a trip to Sky Zone. It's one of their favorite places. The biggest boy had the most fun. Brought such a smile to my face. Click this link to see the video if it doesn't appear below.


Loose Ends....

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