currently: december 2014


Loving: the fact that this little guy is back on track after having his adenoids and tonsils removed right before Thanksgiving. The surgeon said they were humongous. Glad it's taken care of and it's over. We had a few rough days where the pain was bad, but he was a trooper indeed.

Reading: Catching up on Kim Cash Tate's blog. Her latest post #BlackStoriesMatter applies to more than just writing. My story matters. Your story matters.

Planning: a road trip up the Bay Area after Christmas to visit my mom and family. A visit to the Charles M. Schulz Museum is on our list. We go hard for The Peanuts in this household.

Thinking about: Christmas shopping. Items bought so far: 1. *sigh*

Looking forward to: Christmas break. Two glorious weeks of vacation!

Listening to: Lots of iTunes radio lately. I've ditched Pandora since iTunes offers 6 skips an hour.

Watching: Actually, just finished watching The Red Tent on Lifetime. Good TV still exists. Based on the book, the story is inspired by Dinah, a character in the Bible. People were up in arms that it didn't follow the Bible, but it's inspired by the story not a retelling of the story.

What's up with you? I'd love to hear.