Getting Back to Gratitude

Somewhere in SoCal

Somewhere in SoCal

Lack of gratitude is an ugly thing.  

Have you ever done something kind for a stranger only to be left without a thank you or any acknowledgement?  It sucks. Not because you were doing the act for the thanks but because they couldn't see an act of kindness worthy of thanks. 

Lately I've been finding ingratitude seeping into my heart in ugly ways. I can't see the beauty in my own life for looking at what's shiny and beautiful in others' lives. 

Recently my oldest son has been showing signs of ungratefulness. I got fed up with reminding him of all he has and gave him an assignment: write down everything he's thankful for. The first few days took some prodding. Then he got it. He jotted down such simple things. Things that are easy to be grateful for but are often overlooked.

In an effort to combat the discontent creeping up in my life, I'm dedicating myself to getting back to gratefulness. I will be counting out gifts of grace from God to me to remind me of all that's shiny and beautiful right in my own life.


  1. Southern California sunsets
  2. Little toddler arms wrapped around my neck with love
  3. Morning good-bye kisses from my kindergartner at school drop-off
  4. Three giggling siblings
  5. Warm showers
  6. Clean crisp sheets
  7. Leftovers for next day's lunch
  8. Daily calls from my momma
  9. Sweet cards from sweet friends in the mail
  10. Thanks in song from one of my favorites
  11. God's written Word in my hand
  12. The beauty of kate spade
  13. Spring in the air
  14. All my babies asleep
  15. Blessed quietness
  16. The Prayer Room
  17. Towels fresh out of the dryer
  18. Kneeling in prayer
  19. "But God's not finished. He's waiting around to be gracious to you. He's gathering strength to show mercy to you."
  20. Saturday night church service.