march :: currently


Feeling: Ready for warm spring weather. Sunny dresses and sandals are my favorite. 

Reading: Just read: The Non-Physical Sides of Sex: Why viewing sex as just a physical act is missing the big picture. Such a great article on the totality of sex and such great concepts to teach to kids when the time comes.

Thinking about: Cady Lewis, a 24-year-old woman whose young husband died from cancer Thursday (Mar. 20) after only 8 months of marriage. Their story is heartbreaking yet also inspiring and heartfelt. Recent story here and a blog chronicling their engagement, marriage and fight against the cancer here. I love that he proposed at the foot of a cross because he said he wanted their marriage to start and end there. I was also touched by the bride saying that while she was in middle school she prayed for a marriage that would honor God and touch many. I'd say her prayer came true.

Listening to: The Dave Ramsey Show daily podcast. Getting back to basics when it comes to money and budgeting. The questions are the show are awesome and he offers such practical advice. 

Watching: Alaska: The Last Frontier on Netflix. Such a fascinating look at a family living off the land and surviving brutal winters in Alaska. Thanks for Kelli for hipping me to the show.

Loving: This "Happy" video that my sister did of our family. Such a fun song and idea. And I"m still not tired of this song.

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