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My little girly girl

My little girly girl

Enjoying: This little almost two-year-old girl of mine and her girly girl ways. She loves wearing my bangles and high heels. And I could spend all day watching her "put on" on my lip balm which she thinks is lipstick. 

Loving: The Moneywiz apps I downloaded to my phone and Macbook a few months ago. I used PocketMoney for quite a few years and loved it but the app stopped getting updated and had quite a few bugs in it. I like having an electronic register and the bonus is that when I enter a transaction on my iPhone it syncs with the Macbook app for all my accounts.

Feeling: A little defeated...nothing a nice long nap won't cure.

Reading: The Power of Persistent Prayer by Cindy Jacobs...and loving it.  Sometimes we all need a reminder not to give up when praying.

Thinking about: Family portraits. The kids are growing fast and I want to capture their little "kidness" while it's still here. Going to call an old friend who shot our wedding and a number of other thing for us to get the ball rolling. 

Listening to: Matt Gilman's Awaken Love album. Revisiting these worship songs over and over lately.

Watching: Megan Batoon's YouTube channel. The kids and I love her channel while everyone else thinks I'm crazy because I'm so tickled by her. We also recently discovered Our Family Bond Two

Counting down: the last few days of school for my kindergartner and fourth grader. Last day of school is June 11. The boys are already sad about school ending.

Did a mini-blog "make-under." Simplified things a lot. Click through to take a peek.