Around Here...

Lots of stuff going on around these parts. There's a never a dull moment when there are three kids in the house. Last day of school was yesterday (June 11). The boys were pumped about free dress (they have to wear uniforms to school) and the PTA-sponsored carnival which featured bounce houses, laser tag, hamburgers and cotton candy. My six year old had a blast until he threw up. Turns out a game called Gold Digger turned his stomach. The game is an oversized nose filled with snot (goo) and you have to dig in the nostrils for prizes. He said he threw up in the trash, chucked his prize in the trash because it had "snot" all over it and washed his hands. He truly is my child...

My 4th grader took home an award for gold honor roll (GPA of 90-94%). I'm so proud especially considering that he struggled a lot with math this year. Good thing Daddy was able to step in and help him out and give him a boost of confidence. My little kindergartener took home an award for Mileage Club. In an effort to keep the kids active, the kids walk miles at recess and rack up miles as well as small awards throughout the school year. He walked 35 miles this school year which is pretty impressive.

The day before the last day of school, I sent the boys to school with sweet treats for their teachers thanking them for helping the the boys to be smart cookies. The jars included double chocolate chip cookie mix. I should have made one for myself as well!

My Pinterest Monthly Project is still in progress but I have not been posting on schedule like I'd wanted to. So I'll just have to post as I have time. My last project was our linen closet. It's small and was desperately in need of TLC. I'd pinned quite a few idea from Pinterest like this. Here's what I started and ended up with:

It's so nice to go in there and actually find what I need. I forgot to take a photo of the bottom but all sheets are now organized according to size from crib size to king. All bins are labeled and were bought at Daiso for $1.50.

And finally, someone got into the coconut oil this week and had a ball. I couldn't be too hard on her because I'm the one who didn't screw the lid back on tightly after combing her hair that morning.

Hope you have a GREAT Friday!