The Gift List: It's the Little Things

The other day I was looking for something underneath the kitchen sink. When I reached all the way in the back corner, I retrieved a bottle--a bottle of sherry to be exact. It had been there from the last time my dad had visited more than seven years ago. I had to chuckle. My dad loved his sherry. I haven't parted with the bottle yet. It just makes me smile every time I look it. Sometimes it's the little things.

Still adding to my gratitude list: 


71. My little six year old giggling in his sleep

72. Big brothers who protect and love their baby sister

73. Holy Spirit conviction guiding me into all truth

74. A husband who loves his kids

75. The call to intercessory prayer

76. And carrying every burden to the Lord in prayer

77. Finding two normally bickering brothers snuggled in one bed after bedtime

78.  Happy squeals from baby girl when she sees her brothers at the end of the day

79. Our pastor back in church after a bad accident

80. Praying scriptures over my babies

81. My six year old exclaiming "Mommy, you look pretty!"

82. Dinner plates scraped clean

83. The power that comes with the gift of the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues

84. This little girl of mine coloring and humming.

85. And pretending to read.

86. Inside jokes between brothers

87. Good morning smiles from baby girl.

88. My momma's face when she sees her grandchildren.

89. Loose front teeth on my six year old

90. Happy siblings playing in the backyard.