june :: currently

Enjoying: The fact that my kids have mastered the art of the selfie...and have ridiculous amounts of fun doing it.

Loving: My new iPad mini purchased at T.arget during an awesome sale this past weekend. I wanted the big iPad for so long (but couldn't justify the high price tag) until my sister bought the mini. It's the perfect size. And I love that I can watch web videos on it via Apple TV. Now I don't have to hook up my MacBook to the TV.

Feeling: Stress-free since summer is here. Boys are out and baby's daycare is closed this week, so I only have to worry about getting myself together in the mornings. Non-hectic mornings are the best.

Reading: The Walk of the  Spirit - The Walk of Power: The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues by Dave Roberson. Being led to press into the power readily available to me. I'm getting back on track with a reminder of the gift God has given us as believers. There's a free PDF version of this book available on Roberson's website.

Thinking about: Scripture memorization. Really been feeling the need to memorize whole chapters of scripture. Started with Psalm 121 yesterday. While in school, the boys had weekly Bible verses they had to memorize. Why not keep the momentum going and expand it for the summer? I'd also like to get them some Bible verse songs to help with this. (So far I've been humming this song all evening.)

Listening to: Podcasts....lots and lots of podcasts. Currently enjoy Chip Ingram's series: House or Home Parenting Edition. Lots of wisdom shared and I've already picked up some helpful tips from his practical advice.

Watching: The LaVigne Life on YouTube...totally addicted to this little family. I admit that I binge watched until I was current. Nice to see a black dad so hands on with his kids and such a great companion to his woman.