august 2014 :: currently

I drive. She reads.

I drive. She reads.

Loving: This 4-in-1 dress I got on clearance at Gap. Just realized I could wear it four ways I thought it could only be worn as a maxi dress and maxi skirt. Got it in blue stripes and gray. Looking forward to seeing how it looks as a midi dress and mini dress.

Enjoying:, an organizing guru that I found on Roku's Home channel. She has lots of organizing tips that I'll be incorporating into my world.

Feeling: Relieved that I found a way to get baby girl to sleep. She'd been screaming and crying at bedtime. When my oldest was a baby I got exasperated one day and plopped him in the crib and turned on a Josh Groban CD to calm myself down. Instantly, he got quiet and eventually fell asleep.Turned it on for baby girl the other night, she cried for maybe 10 minutes and then laid herself down. Sweet sleep. Going to make a bedtime playlist for her to shake things up and hopefully keep her from bedtime meltdowns. Sing Over Me: Worship Songs and Lullabies is one of my personal faves.

Still Reading...: The Walk of the Spirit; The Walk of Power: The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues. Sometimes real life gets in the way of book reading.

Wanting: The Canon Powershot S100. My iPhone is so full that I want a small camera to carry around. This one is perfect. Also in need of a new wallet since my last one got lost. This kate spade would be a nice replacement for the small, temp one I'm using now.

Listening to: Louie Giglio's Goliath Must Fall series. (Hands down, one of my favorites preachers). So far the series also includes Fear Must Fall, Rejection Must Fall and Comfort Must Fall.

Watching: 5 Minute Fridays with Pastor Kelley Steele. I've always enjoyed the ministry of her husband Pastor Reginald Steele of Kingdom in the Valley Christian Church. Such a treat to get an encouraging mini message from her on YouTube every Friday.

What's up in your world?