Listening to the Little People in My World

This kid here can talk my ear off. He's never runs out of words. He'll go on and on about M.inecraft and Wii.U games and Super Mario and Spiderman and every fact about every thing he's stumbled across.

He's got the gift of gab.

I hate to admit that sometimes I tune him out. When he was a toddler and the only child I had 24/7, I was interested in every word and thought of his. I need to tune back in, sit down with him and just listen. He's 10 1/2 and the time I have left with him before he leaves the house is less than the time I've had him. Soon, he'll be chatting up his friends and girls and I won't have an inside track to his life.

Just this week, we had a rousing game of M.ario Kart 8 on Wii.U. Great fun! I've been listening to the details about his favorite game commentator on You.Tube and been answering his non-stop questions. I never want him to think that what he has to say isn't important.

Being intentional about listening has helped me to see what an awesome little guy he is.