july :: currently

Loving: Celebrating the kids and their milestones. Baby girl blew out her birthday candles all by herself (much to the surprise of her brothers who thought they needed to help her) and enjoyed each one of her gifts. Meanwhile, the six-year-old had his second loose tooth accidentally kicked out by baby girl. I was so relieved because he was driving me crazy with that loose tooth. And I'm happy to report the tooth fairy actually had a dollar in her purse to slip under his pillow that night.

Enjoying: The Humans of New York Instagram feed. Every single person on this planet has a story. These are captured beautifully. 

Feeling: Mommy guilt. I moved baby girl to a new daycare this week at the boys' school. I feel like I've moved her away from everything familiar. Then the other day she cried at drop off. I know she'll adjust but it still doesn't ease that mommy guilt.

Reading: Blogs as usual. Here are a two new ones I've stumbled across that I've been enjoying: Apples of Gold, Lisha Epperson.

Thinking about: The upcoming school year already. School starts the week of Labor Day for the boys, but that will be here in just a blink. Soon it will be time to buy school supplies, uniforms, socks and such. Gearing up for it now.

Listening to: A lot of different stuff. What's in rotation now is Kindred's A Couple Friends, Audrey Assad's Fortunate Fall, Coldplay's Ghost Stories and Mali Music's Mali Is.

Watching: Wife Swap. The episode I'm watching as I type this features Barry Williams and Joe Piscopo. Hilarious and fascinating. Is this stuff made up?